Ocean Freight Services

Our experienced Staff is well trained to guide the shippers and consignees through the complexities of global shipping. 

Al Nairouz offers single-course solution to and from any point worldwide keeping the shipper or consignee informed of the shipment’s status at every step.

Shipping by ocean with Al Nairouz is worry-free way to transport goods anywhere in the world. Our skilled staff handles all procedures, such as booking shipments and preparing all documentation required, with accuracy and expertise.

Al Nairouz has a complete logistics and services platform providing customers with improved shipping flexibility, enhanced operational control and exceptional and accurate customer service.

Al Nairouz logistics package includes the following advantages:

  • LCL program (less-than-container load)
  • Fast Transit time (As we care using all shipping line facilities)
  • Experienced Staff
  • Competitive pricing
  • Limited contracting liabilities
  • Key carrier cooperation